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As the no. of social media platforms is growing, many businesses are facing problems in maintaining their social presence on multiple social platforms. They want to be present everywhere, this decision might feel overwhelming but it can be a big mistake. Maintaining a good social presence on all the platforms requires major resources as this will be too much for one or two people to handle. That is why you need to determine which platform will be suitable for your business and on which platforms your audience is present. In this blog, I have outlined some of the key points that will help you in choosing the right social media platform for your business

Facebook: the best place where you can precisely target your audience 

Facebook is good for :

1. Brands that loves to produce emotion (fashion, luxury, sport, healthy…).

2. Brads who have a good quality of photos and videos with them (media, artists, creators, etc.).

3. Companies capable of sharing knowledge and engaging their audience (leaders, experts, coaches, etc.).

4. The event management companies and the companies who run any contest 

Youtube: Best place to tell your story 

1. Companies that are good at storytelling.

2. Companies that are capable of creating videos and emotions: which can make people smile, surprise seduce, etc

3. The companies which can produce tutorials to address their customers’ problems.

4. E-commerce: unboxing video or the test video helps the buyer in his research before purchase.

Instagram: The best place to convey your emotions through images

Instagram is suitable for:

1. Brands that are good in storytelling and can create great visual content.

2. Brands with products that naturally arouse emotions: fashion, travel, sport, sexy…

3. Brands that can play well with communication methods on Instagram (stickers, filters, snackable content, light content, entertaining, visually satisfying).

4. E-commerce brands that can leverage the power of visual content to enhance their product 

5. Local businesses to target their audience with an Instagram advertisement. 

Pinterest: The best place to target women who love online shopping 

Pinterest is suitable for:

1. Brands with good quality of image & video content

2. Brands whose main audience are women like fashion, jewelry, etc.

3. E-commerce with good images of their product: More than 70% of pins are linked to purchasing intentions.

4. The brands that can transform their expertise into visual knowledge: infographics, diagrams, graphs, etc.

Linkedin: The best place to make a connection with companies

Linkedin is suitable for:

1. Companies selling practical knowledge or skills like service providers, consulting firms, agencies, etc.

2. The personal brands that are capable of storytelling around their practical knowledge

3. the brands that are looking to prospect potential customers in a professional context.

4. Linkedin is one of the best places for Recruitment firms who are looking to connect with new talent 

Twitter: The best place to reach influencers

Twitter is suitable for:

1. Brands with an aptitude to convey emotion (fashion, luxury sport, healthy, etc.).

2. companies or freelancers who are wishing to demonstrate their expertise

3. Brans who want to connect with influencers (journalists, experts, bloggers, etc.).

4. The best platform to connect with celebrities


I know choosing the right social media platform for your brand is quite a difficult task. But if you clear about your goals and objectives and prioritize them effectively, then it will become clear from which platform you have to start.